How to Apply?


Present your civic tech initiative in a short video (what was the problem? what was your goal? how did you do it? how did your advance transparency and/or participation and/or accountability? How did people benefit from your project?). It must be short: maximum two minutes, but less is even better!

Your video must be simple: it can be just you talking to your smartphone camera, or interviews of several people (for instance the project’s beneficiaries), but you can also use animations of your choice! Your film doesn’t need to use camera, it can be an animated powerpoint with voiceover…

Be creative, but remember: What we will reward is the quality and usefulness of your project! Not your film!

Voiceover and captions in your film can either be in English, Spanish or French. (You can also add subtitles).

Upload your video or animation on YouTube or other online video platforms, go to the CivicTech4Democracy application form on our website (it only takes 3 minutes to fill-in) and simply paste your video’s URL!

Describe your civic tech initiative in a few words

Our team will review your submission and will contact you as soon as possible to confirm your participation in the competition.

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