What’s EU4Democracy?

EU4Democracy is an annual outreach initiative designed by the European Commission’s technical assistance project ‘Supporting Democracy’ for EU Delegations to celebrate the International Day of Democracy.

Democracy cannot be taken for granted – it is never achieved once and for all and requires ongoing care and investment. The EU is one of the most important supporters of democracy at home and in the world. Today democracy is threatened by populism, authoritarian tendencies, and attacks on fundamental freedoms, such as the freedom of expression or freedom of assembly. New technologies can be enablers for citizens to enhance civic participation, but can also be a threat when they are used to repress civic voice.

The International Day of Democracy is an opportunity to remind our audiences about the role the EU plays in supporting democracy. In 2018, the EU chose to put forward citizen initiatives that have used new technologies to promote and support democracy. The aim is to show that the EU’s support to democracy is adapting to challenges, is open to new ways of working and is willing to get closer to the grassroots.

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